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Gold Pressed Latinum

Status: Premium
Marketing: Yes
Block Explorer: Yes
Faucet: Yes
BTC: 0.00006222
USD: 0.70619700

Faucet address: FLZ5p4R4syGSVekUaEHCZMogNEzKRzcuDR
Balance: 0.00000000
Timeout (hours): 12
Total Sent (GPL): 0.00000000

Faucet Drips:
Balance: Payment:
1 0.001
100 0.01
1000 0.1
10000 1
100000 10
1000000 100

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Gold Pressed Latinum faucet, get free GPL!

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For 'Premium' currency payments processed once a day, or when claim count reached 100.
For 'Free' currency payments processed once a few days.

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Date,Time (UTC): Claims: Amount: Transaction:
Contacts: bitcointalk, cryptocointalk
Donations: ► BTC: 1DHjBpdQhfsQ8fCyEgi1dd4CXNwtnpHmRc     ► LTC: LXqa5GVnQnQU5GLDntoyZyGhuHptAzqWYa
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