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Status: Premium
Marketing: Yes
Block Explorer: Yes
Faucet: Yes
BTC: 0.00000001
USD: 0.00008551

Address info:
Address: 2RuBrg9UPBezvtxq26wZ7kpUogvxC9Swcz
Current Balance: 0.00000000
First used: 2017-06-07 10:29:33 UTC (Block: 1115149)
Last used: 2017-10-31 17:17:02 UTC (Block: 1148325)
Total receive amount: 620.38856000
Total send amount: -620.38856000
POW receive amount: 0.00000000
POS receive amount: 0.00000000
POS send amount: 0.00000000
Regular receive amount: 620.38856000
Regular send amount: -620.38856000
Other send amount: 0.00000000
Other receive amount: 0.00000000
Blocks count: 205
Transactions count: 219
Total operations count: 300
Total receive operations: 150
Total send operations: 150
POW receive operations: 0
POS receive operations: 0
POS send operations: 0
Regular receive operations: 150
Regular send operations: 150
Other send operations: 0
Other receive operations: 0
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Operation num: Date/time (UTC): Block: Transaction: Type: Amount (MOON): Result amount (MOON):
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